Registered Nurses

Company Name:
Koch Davis
The registered nurse is responsible for:
- Provide services for the patient from admission to discharge.
- Establishing treatment plans.
- Operating medical equipment.
- Educating patients about their health.
- Making ethical decisions related to consent and confidentiality.
- Improve the worth of patient management and satisfaction.
- The Registered Nurse acts as a connection between patients, family members and other health care personnel:
(i) To make sure competent.
(ii) Provide appropriate home health care services.
The position is responsible for:
(i) An in-house Registered Nurse clinical supervisor.
(ii) The Weekday 12 hour position specializes in start of care.
(iii) Injury care & patient/family education.
Capacity to formulate self-determining decisions after gathering information.
- Tremendous writing skill.
- Excellent Verbal skills to successfully communicate with confidence.
- Ability to resolve problems and set main concern.
- Fundamental typing and computer skills.
- Express thoughts, information and ideas to colleagues.
- Ability to work together with others.
- Require License to practice nursing issued by the state of employment.
- State-accredited training program in Bachelor of Science in Nursing or Associate Degree in Nursing.
- Require National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nursing.
- Two (2) years experience in house health, rehabilitation setting is preferred.
- Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification.
- Providing nursing services to support the specific population like child, adult and Geriatric
- Experience in office skill.
- Acceptable references.
- 6 months earlier to employment or within 30 days of employment the TB Test or Chest X-Ray will require.
- Doing well completion of course process.
Bachelors Degree
One of our aims is to help patients maximize the comfort and safety of their homes while receiving home health care services from our certified care professionals. We exercise accountability while taking care of you. It is a responsibility that we gladly accept as this is the fulfillment of our profession, being the Care giving members of our society. We ease the pains of the injured, we speed up the recovery of those who are ill and we reduce the stresses of old age by being there to provide assistance with daily living activities. We want to make a difference. We've already made a positive contribution in the lives of our current clients.

Don't Be Fooled

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